Current Exhibition

Private View V

Damien Cadio, , , , , , Stefan Sandner, , Matt Saunders, Björn Wallbaum

5 July 2013 - 2 August 2013
4 July 2013
19:00 - 21:00

ANDREAS GRIMM MUNCHEN is pleased to announce our annual group show PRIVATE VIEW. We will be showing works by Damien Cadio, , , , , , Stefan Sandner, , Matt Saunders, and Björn Wallbaum.

PRIVATE VIEW V gives the viewer an extensive overview of a selection of the gallery artists, whose works have been collected and exhibited in museums and institutions worldwide. Their works have been widely published in artists monographs, in prominent art journals, and among critical theory texts.

We also invite you to the Munich Gallery Night on Thursday, 18. July, 6 - 9 pm. Please join us and over twenty galleries in Munich / Maxvorstadt for another night with art!

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